Tahfeez ul- Quran

Tahfeez ul- Quran course is a grand endeavor of NIMS Dubai which enables the students to memorize the holy Quran completely following the Thajweed rules.

It is a privilege to us to announce that for about thirty five students have already completed the course successfully and received the degree in a grand convocation ceremony

Today almost 50 students are progressing with this rewarding course under the guidance of well qualified and experienced teachers. By taking inspiration from this rewarding course the sister concerns of NIMS Dubai have also commenced this great venture.
The talented students of our course have won many prestigious international Quran recitation competitions which was conducted under the auspicious leadership of His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid

We wish and pray that this rewarding course, which was started under the directions of honorable Chairman of NIMS Group Haji Dr M.K.Kamaludheen, always bestow him blessings from Almighty.


The school has the most advanced fully equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home Science. Stress is given on practical training. Demonstration, experimentation, project work (both at secondary and higher secondary levels) are done in depth using sophisticated equipments and instruments.


Classrooms and labs function hand in hand so as to kindle the spirit of enquiry and to venture into the sphere of unknown.  Physics lab is facilitated in an ideal way to unleash the hidden potentials of the young ones.


The school chemistry lab is well equipped to offer a first hand research based learning.  Apart from developing an inquisitive talent, it caters to the methodology of learning by doing.


Biology lab opens a world of wonder with its wide variety of specimen facilitated.  It supports a child to go from the known to the unknown and also  to help him unveil the hidden mysteries of nature.


Life without a computer is unimaginable in the modern world.  All the three computer labs of the school are well equipped to supplement the topics related to IT.


A well set up Home Science Lab functions to experiment and discover new spheres of delicacies and to supplement the changing trends of the modern appetite.


The school multimedia lab assist teachers of all discipline to make the teaching activity oriented utilizing the possibilities of sound, internet and so on.  It is helpful in arranging the teachers’ workshops through video conference facilitating experts of academics from India.


Our Library endeavors to provide students with opportunities to learn how to utilize materials in a variety of formats to access information .Our library houses a collection of over 15,500 books, the number increasing with each passing year. The library is equipped with subject books, dictionaries, periodicals, reference books, fictions, non fictions and CDs on Curriculum based topics.

The school Library is equipped with reference books, fictions, audio visuals, teaching aids, magazines and periodicals. Adequate facilities are provided for peaceful studies. Books are also issued on loan to pupils, subject to rules and regulation of the library.

The books have been classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. We have an “Open Access System” which enables students to access any book freely. Students are given an orientation program at the start of every academic year.



As we are aware of the fact that Technology is an ever changing medium in the world we live in today, we have integrated the SMART BOARD in our Multimedia room which is beneficial for the students as well as the teachers. The device is touch screen that allows the teacher or the student to re-size the content with the touch of a finger.

Smart Boards provide a means of learning for all students, including students with different learning styles. Most students learn by actually doing and physically interacting with a medium, so Smart Boards would give students the opportunity to explore and manipulate concepts of a lesson. Introducing fractions at elementary level through Smart Board makes math interesting . The teacher  prepares an interactive activity where the students would have to go up to the board to identify different fractions. For example, the teacher could have different objects, some the same and some different, and the students would have to come up with the fraction of like objects compared to those of different objects. Since only one person can be up at the Smart Board at a time, the other students would be trying to figure out the problem on their own personal notebooks. Students could then take turns going up.

Another classroom activity incorporating a Smart Board, that teacher could use in the classroom setting, would be the frog dissection application. This application shows a frog on the board along with all the tools and materials needed to complete the dissection. The teacher could set up the lesson by teaching the students the different terms and procedure of dissecting the frog. The application allows for exploration and dissection of the frog, just like an actual frog would allow for. This is a good way to bring reality into the classroom with the use of Smart Boards. Students would still have the same opportunities to learn, just with the use of the new technology. Thus a Smart Board creates visual learners as well as aural and logical thinkers. These are just a few  but there  are numerous options which are beneficial making learning easy and interesting.

Sports and Games

The school runs with a motto of sports for all and it is evidently based on competitive sports.  It ultimately teaches discipline and obedience.  Aiming at the all round personality development it makes the students alert and tactful apart from making them mentally and physically fit.  Parents’ support and students’ enthusiasm help the school achieve better heights and strides every year in the school records.


We organize Inter school volley ball tournament to enliven the team spirit of the game. The hard work and able guidance of Mr. Nisthar, P E teacher and the coach really lead to visible results.  The school team is the winner of many trophies and in 2008 the team was qualified for the National CBSE Volley ball tournament which was held in Haryana, India. Our team won the championship in  various competitions conducted in UAE.

volly 2


We offer vigorous football coaching under the able guidance of Mr. Abdul Rahiman, P.E. teacher.  The teams in various levels excel in the game with their spectacular performance. The team won many football matches conducted by Schools and Clubs in Dubai and other Emirates of UAE.


The basket ball team is the winner of many regional and interschool tournaments.  Mr. Nisthar, P.E.Teacher displays an excellent work to see that every member of the tem contribute to the winning track.


The school has also has a well set up cricket team to cater the sportive spirit of the adolescents.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

A child has special educational needs (SEN) if he or she has learning difficulties or other disabilities that make it harder for him or her to learn than most other children of about the same age. So special educational needs could mean that a child has:

  • learning difficulties – in acquiring basic skills in school
  • emotional and behavioral difficulties – making friends or relating to adults or behaving properly in school
  • specific learning difficulty – with reading, writing, number work or understanding information
  • sensory or physical needs – such as hearing or visual impairment, which might affect them in school
  • communication problems – in expressing themselves or understanding what others are saying
  • A medical or health condition – which may slow down a child’s progress and/or involves treatment that affects his or her education.

Children make progress at different rates and have different ways in which they learn best. NIMS Dubai SEN Support Unit identifies all needs and facilitates inclusion at all levels.Children making slower progress or having particular difficulties in one area are given extra help by the teachers in a regular class room through Individual Educational Program (IEP) or through Remedial Classes by Special Educators at the Resource Room to help them succeed.

Prayer Room

“Be guardians of your prayers, and of the mid-most prayer, and stand up with devotion to Allah.” [Quran 2:238]

If the Islamic Society is a body, then the Mosques and Prayer Room are its heart.Salaah or Prayer is the second and most important pillar of Islam, and is obligatory on every Muslim man and woman after reaching adolescence.

“Pray to me and I will hear your prayer” Quran (40:60).

The importance of regular prayer is recognized and well-established in NIMS, Dubai. Hence a mosque for men and a separate prayer room for female staff and students are provided.

Among all the wonderful benefits of praying, here is why Prayer is so important a deed in Islam:

  • A pillar of Islam.
  • Allah is with those who pray.
  • Prayer leads to Taqwa.
  • Prayer is a believer’s deed.
  • Prayer results in Allah’s blessings.
  • Enormous reward on the day of judgment /Akhirat.

School Canteen

The School Canteen serves nutritious and healthy snacks and beverages like fruit salad, sandwiches etc. It is a well stocked facility and a strict standard of hygiene is maintained. It functions throughout the school timings.